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Sustainably tanned leather

Sustainably tanned leather

All of my bags are designed to be as eco friendly as possible. Leather options are endless and there are various tanning methods being used today that go into the production of leather. I believe the more natural these processes are, the better. This is why all of my designs are made of really pure, vegetable tanned leather from Europe.

The vegetable tanning process is an old and traditional method of tanning leather. It is a completely organic method relying on natural vegetable tannins from bark or other plant tissues. Tannins from trees such as oak, chestnut, or mimosa are popular, but hundreds of tree types and other plants are known to have been used. This method results in a process where all materials used are biodegradable.

I believe that individuality is a sign of quality. This is why my leather has authentic natural marks that emphasize its authenticity. All of my products will develop an unique patina, imparting a character, a personality to the product.  



Leather care

Vegetable tanned leather will age beautifully with time and use and will develop an unique patina. I recommend to apply a thin layer of leather beeswax before first use. It will protect your leather tote from water and stains.